Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Picture Free Randomness

After knitting my Forestry, very little seems exciting on the knitting front. I am knitting, and I'm knitting some pretty darn nice things, but... nothing quite like that. Nothing worth an entire blog post. The cure? A random list! Whee! (C'mon, get excited, now).

1. I finished some socks. I'll take pictures and figure yardage later, but for now I mostly resent how long this one pair took. 2 months. I'm thinking of changing their name from 'Lime Rescue" to 'Slow Ass Boring Socks', but just doesn't flow the same.

2. I worry that normal people don't name their socks.

3. I worry that I'm turning into a neat freak. Our new, over the shower head organizer pleases me waaay more than I think it 'should'. And my current favorite Berenstain Bears book is the Messy Room.

4. I worry that I worry too much.

5. I am ordering a wheel this week, worry be damned!

6. I am thinking of turning into a part time food blogger. In one day, you get a much higher rate of cooking FOs than knitting FOs. And I really, really like making our own stuff. We now make all our breads, buns, pizza dough, etc and I'm thinking about branching out into the realm of ice cream. I just need to start taking pictures before everyone wolfs it down.

7. The lace stole and I have a rocky relationship. We are at the top of our sine wave and I think I'll go try to get a few rows in before the crazies need me.


Erick said...

I LOVE LISTS! There, are you happy? And yes, I name my socks too.

Beth said...

You are a dayrunner in a sticky note world:)

Famous Amos said...

Homemade ice cream is the best! Go for it!

Tikabelle said...

BWAHAHAHAH! I just realized that ManCandy was signed into his gmail on my computer when I left you the first comment. Ahem. That was me.