Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain, rain

The rain continues apace. I am beginning to feel like I'm back in Juneau, only without the mountains, beaches or extended summer hours. I enjoy the cool weather, but it still feels slightly weird to be wearing long pants, despite being nearly July. I really am used to Down South weather!

Little Dude's moods have also been experiencing some bad weather. Or, rather, he seems to already be 2 in spirit despite his birthday not being until Monday. Two in a pushing the limits, testing the rules but separation anxiety kind of way.

I also finished some socks. These are from my Faux Flap pattern, no design other than a ribbed cuff. These are the second pair that I've knit from the 4 sock blanks that Sweet Pea and I dyed a year ago. They started out as a neon orange and green Kool Aid mess, then were over dyed with yellow, then forest green. I like the resulting color, but it sort of overrode the sock blank effect.

ETA: These were 254 yards. This leaves me plenty for my sock yarn blankie!

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Jeff Hertzberg said...

Hey Brie-- you won the free book at Artisan Bread in Five. Can you provide a snail-mail address so I can send it to you?

Jeff Hertzberg