Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seamless Tahitian Forests

I have a new sweater. I lurve it. I lurve the fit, the yarn, everything.

The pattern is Forestry, from Vogue. Vogue is not my style, and I have never knit anything from them before. In fact, I had seen this sweater in the magazine and passed right over it. Then, I saw several on ravelry (lilalu's, okayknit's and jettshin's), and it had to be mine. I debated about the yarn for awhile, then received a Mother's Day gift card for knit picks only a week or so after City Tweed was released. I very nearly got the Desert Sage, but needed a sweater that wasn't green. Instead, 12 balls of Tahitian Pearl (yes, the same color as Jared Flood's fabulous baby blanket). This sweater came in at 1116 yds, so have plenty left for a feather and fan scarf.

This project consumed all of my knitting time. I knit almost nothing else in the 2 weeks it took me to finish. Totally worth it. It's the most wearable sweater that I have knit, to date. I made several modifications, which are detailed below. The most obvious are:
1. Knit sleeves in the round, body in one piece and joined for seamless raglan shaping. Totally worth it.
2. DK weight instead of Worsted (knit the small size numbers to get an extra small size)
3. Enormified the collar by several inches

A quick note about this yarn. I love it. I will totally be ordering more. Maybe even some of the desert sage...


Omitted the set up row (which was wrong). Instead, I did a modified coin cable on the first go around. When it says to hold 4 to the front (Or back), then knit 1, I k2tog. Then I proceeded with the rest of the cable. This decreased from 6 sts to 5 and kept the cable lined up above the bottom ribbing.

Did not use and smaller needles, because I really don’t like ribbing to pull in at the edges.

Knit in the round, omitting the stitches that would have been the selvedge stitches.

Knit as one piece. Following the Small size, but omitting what would have been the selvedge stitches. Thus, I cast on (left front + back + right front)-4 = 190 sts.


Tikabelle said...

Oh, oh oh! I really, really like it! And that pearl color looks good on you. Well done!

Beth said...

Look at you go! This is a really cute sweater. I think you've found your art form!

tiennie said...

What a cute sweater! This looks great on you!