Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little Girls and Rainbows

When I was 7, I got my very own cat. Every one else in the family had 'their' cat and the cat across the street had kittens and I'm sure I was very convincing in a 7-year old fashion. I played with her for a few hours, trying to decide on the perfect name, when I announced to my mom that the word that absolutely described her perfect kitten-ness was... Rainbow.

My daughter, too, loves rainbows. When she asked for a rainbow hat and 'gloves like mommy's where her fingers wiggle out' I knew I had to accede.

The yarn is mostly Palette, though the purple is gloss. All of it is stash, the brighter colors left over from my Jayne hats. They were semolina, sweet potato and pimento. Not colors I usually stash.
There are still leftovers and a sweater, as well as matching doll clothes, have been requested.

ETA: Patterns are all my own, mostly done on the fly. The hat is top down, the gloves gusseted and top up. All were done held doubled on size 5s, which gave a pretty dense fabric. I might do a sweater on 6s, if I do more.

Yardage is 312+128+256= 696 yds

P.S. I was talked into 'Rosie' as a name for my cat and she lived many long, cranky years with us, bless her.


Tikabelle said...

Oh wow. I remember Rosie! Brenna is turning into a lovely little girl; I love the rainbow stuff too.

Did you get your wheel yet? Huh? Huh?

Beth said...

Ah, Rosie and rainbows, that takes me back. Brenna looks thrilled were her hat, mitts and scarf. You know you want to make a matching set for her doll, you know you do....

Encourager said...

Brie! I just went back and read the comment you left on my blog a while back. I don't know if you realized it, but at that point I was in the hospital getting my hip replaced. Yay for me! It is so wonderful to hear from you!I will have to ask Becky if she has an email for you or some other means of catching up on a more personal level. Hope to get in touch soon! :)

Encourager said...

BTW - "Encourager" is Jenny H. :)

Becky Durham said...

wonderful! Love the pattern and love the pictures. Your daughter is beautiful!

Becky Durham said...

p.s. tell "Jenny H." to give it up and get on facebook already.