Thursday, August 20, 2009


My knitting mojo has been benched. Why?

1. It's in the 90s (degrees Fahrenheit) here.
2. I am in the 100s (also degrees Fahrenheit). I have strep throat, which is losing the antibiotics battle, but I still feel cruddy.
3. T -2 weeks to new job.
4. Every time I work on the Blueberries cardigan, the yarn or the needles aggravate the skin on my hand. I'm hoping this is the weather and not a developing wool allergy. Cause... dude.
5. My bust size has changed drastically... yet again. I'll avoid TMI, but the fallout is that the Blueberries cardigan may be too big.
6. And really... knitting a sweater that fits is hard enough with a static target size. A moving target is just... disheartening.

I've also given up on getting a spinning wheel. Too much other stuff is going on, now that they're back in stock. And, if my knitting mojo is this low, I don't want to invest a wheel's worth into it. I'm thinking about getting a smaller spindle, though. Maybe an Ashford? I have a huge Schact that's uncomfortable. And maybe some pretty fiber...


Anonymous said...

i like your blog. and your knitting (FYI - ravelry). keep at it when you can.

wishing you the best.

Janean said...

An experienced knitter told me to knit for the enjoyment, not to make something. So, if you're not enjoying it at the moment. Give it a rest. Great blog!