Friday, August 7, 2009

Scarf Found!

I did it! It matches this hat, and is 359 yards of Alpaca Treasure. Plain 2x2 rib with a slipped stitch edge but, to be honest, that's about as complicated as I can get these days.

Speaking of... Another set of ribbed scarf and Turn a Square hat. This used up 172 yds of Swish DK from stash (leftover from this), and a tiny bit (12 yds) of Heirloom Easy Care 8 ply for a grand total of 184 yds.

What's up with all the sets and plain patterns? Knitting is taking a back seat to life. Or, rather, I'm relying on it for the soothing combination of 1) being something totally within my control and 2) a process that creates something snuggly, useful and matching.

ETA: Yeah, I know the picture on the top is crooked. Blogger hates me and it's 1 am. It's scarf. You can take my word on it.

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Tikabelle said...

Dude, nice knitting!

Also, for ease of photos, I recommend a Flickr account. It auto-rotates. :D