Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tweed is the new black

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My last post found me making excuses for starting another knitting project. I had a table full of WIPs, but I cast on some sleeves anyway. The excuses were worth it.

In about two weeks, I had a cardigan. Not just any cardigan, but exactly the cardigan that I wanted. I used Ann Budd's indispensible book, choosing the raglan V-neck cardi option. I knit the sleeves first to check my gauge, then went with 36" size at 6 sts/inch. I started the V at about an inch before the pattern, but adjusted the neck shaping to accommodate (switched to every 4th row sooner than the pattern called for). The neck shaping met the raglan shaping perfectly. I was going to add a ribbed edge with button holes, but thought the slipped stitch edge looked pretty tidy. So, I broke out the crochet hook, made a button loop and sewed on a single button.

The yarn is City Tweed in Plum Wine. You may remember city tweed from here, or here. I loved it so much that I immediately ordered another sweater's worth but it's taken this long for me to decide what to do with it.

The sweater weighs in at 382g, which is 940 yds. Finally getting somewhere in the yardage thing.

P.S. I'm testing a new Flickr blogging tool, to try to minimize all the photo size errors I get through Blogger. Please bear with any technical difficulties.


April said...

Love it! Everything - the yarn, the color, the fit - is fantastic!

Beth said...

It's lovely! It's good to know that through thick and thin you can produce such a useful and gorgeous sweater:)

tiennie said...

That is a great new cardigan on you! I love that book by Ann Budd!

Becky said...

Beautiful, Brie! The color is great on you too! Can't wait to see it in person some Thursday night.