Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sock Yarn, in Review

Many people spend New Years' Eve reflecting on the years' accomplishments or prepping for a big party. This seems natural, as we're ending one year and starting a new one.

So how do I do it? Weighing squares for my sock yarn blankie. I started in March, using only washable, fingering weight yarn that was leftover from previous projects. They don't have to be socks, because I use that weight yarn for lots of things, but they definitely have to be leftovers.

I'm including the yardage in my 2009 12 mile quest instead of saving them for whenever the blanket is finished because it would totally skew that year. In other words;
1173 yds

Knit Picks Essential: 619 yds
Knit Picks Imagination: 70 yds
Knit Picks Gloss: 70 yds
Mountain Colors Bearfoot: 154 yds
Koigu KPPPM: 202 yds
Plymouth Happy Feet: 58 yds


Tikabelle said...

Well, it starts all over again tomorrow, and my Salina sweater will give me a good bump in 2010! This is the year we'll actually do it, my friend. I can feel it in my bones! :D

Happy new year!

jayne said...

Enjoying your writings on the Domestic Arts. Maybe it will rub off on me!