Friday, April 3, 2009

One Dresser to Rule Them All

See those completely closed drawers? See the utter lack of baskets stacked on the dresser, spilling yarn from their sides? No boxes stacked in front with knitting needles poking out of the top?

The yarn organization, she is done. The stashbusting is nearly done. One box of WIPs remains and once that is done, the yarn stashbusting will nearly be done. We are on target for a mother's day spinning wheel order! I'm so freaking excited.

I'm also pretty excited about my new knitting organization. I can find everything I want without digging and making a huge mess. The yarns are organized by weight, with laceweight in the top all the way down to the heaviest in the bottom. The blue tin holds miscellany; knitting needles and cords that don't fit in my Knit Picks binder, random stitch markers, etc. The brown tin holds my tools and supplies for making stitch markers. The three silver tins along the back are for 1) buttons, 2) swatches and scraps and 3) crochet hooks and dpns. I'm still looking for the perfect picture for the frame but, for now, grey will do.

Next post will hopefully bring more FOs and, maybe, a new banner for the top of the blog!