Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bevy of Firsts

My lifestyle doesn't lend itself well to podcasts, so I've only listened to a few in the years I've been an avid knitter.  The only one that really sticks out was an interview with Shannon Okey.  After listening to it, I wanted a spinning wheel and I wanted it now.  I immediately bought her book, Spin to Knit, and have been dying to try the handspun yoke sweater ever since then.  This yarn is destined for that project.

This is the first time I have spun from a bat, and the first time that I have spun yarn with a particular project in mind. I got the batt from Funky Fiber Farm on etsy, also making it my first etsy purchase!  Then I chain plied the bobbin full of singles, making this the first time I chain plied.  I found a great tutorial here, and, after watching it a couple times, managed to chain ply the entire skein in an hour or so. 

Total length is 166 yds, ravelry page is here.  Anyone else looking forward to whatever changes ravelry has planned to accommodate spinning projects?



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