Friday, February 12, 2010

Craftster-Inspired Dress

The kids have no been to school all week. Between bronchitis, snow days, and President's day, we have been all snuggled in together. There's been good books, good movies and nature specials, some good food, all punctuated by coughing.

I have done some knitting, but none of its quite ready to show off. I did, however, finally complete a sewing project!


Before you get too impressed, it's reconstructed from 2 different shirts.  There's feet of snow on the ground and yet, just a few weeks ago, I couldn't find a long sleeved girls' dress in any store. Apparently, January is when everyone starts coming out with their spring lines.  It's also the time when Sweet Pea grew several inches, making all of her winter dresses too short.  My sewing machine and I still aren't close enough that I wanted to sew a week's worth of playdresses, so I found this great idea on craftster.  In short, cut the bottom off of a t-shirt and sew on a skirt of knit fabric.  We found several clearance shirts at Target for our experiment, some in her size and some in 14/16 to use for the skirt.  After resolving a two week long dispute with my machine, I finally got all the seams done!  And, she loves it, making it work the effort.


Tikabelle said...

That's a really clever idea! I just got an email from JoAnn's; they're selling t-shirts at 5/$10. Do you even have JoAnn's over on the east coast?

Sweet Pea is getting so BIG! I'm amused that you call her that - I just bought Popeye the Movie on DVD. :D

Brie said...

I've been trying to find a good JoAnn's around here, but to no avail. We have one to check out this weekend, though, so wish me luck!