Thursday, March 18, 2010

FO Funk

I am in a an FO funk.  I've got my Stonington Shawl and Qiviut scarf on the needles, and they've been there for months.  Both are nearing the end: I've started the knitted-on lace border for the Stonington and the last star of the North Star qiviut scarf.  I'm at the end of the waist shaping for my handspun garter yoke and almost to the cuff of a plain sock.  I feel like I've been working on these 4 things forever (well, the sock is a relatively new addition) and haven't finished anything in ages. 

I'm also dying to start something new.  Is it because I'm frustrated with my current projects, or am I frustrated with the current projects because I want to start something new?  I can't decide, but I know I have the yarn for the following things trying to climb out of my stash and cast intself on: Geodesic Cardigan, Tiger Eyes scarf, DNA Scarf, Celtic Knot stole, and Tudor Grace.  Maybe even some garter mitts and a suitable springy cardigan for teaching out of a bag of cotlin.  Gooseberry cardigan? 

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Tikabelle said...

I hate that. I've been feeling the same way for awhile. Last night I ripped out my Stonington and washed the yarn - I really dislike that shawl! Maybe you could require yourself to finish ONE of the 4 projects in order to start a new one?