Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maple Cranberry

I've got 43 unread posts in my blogroll, an empty fridge, a garden full of ivy, and an unplanned 5th birthday party.  What does that mean?  You've got it... the end of the semester is nearly here!

And what am I excited about?


204 yards of DK weight handspun merino, tussah silk, and firestar from the color genius at Corgi Hill Farm.  Seriously.  I could dive into her entire etsy shop and not come up for air for weeks.  Plus she has corgis, which I want, and reads all the same books I do.  Chain plied because I'm loving using up every inch of this pretty, pretty stuff.  Perhaps I'll buy two next time and ply them like a grownup spinner.

And because you've stuck with me this far: Sweet Pea spinning a few yards of the above yarn. 

Which is only fair, because it will most like become a February Girl Sweater for her.  I love spinning it, but I'm not sure I'd wear that much pink and brown.

Oh, and I made some socks.  See?  My regular pattern, dyed by me, 240 yards.  This is actually the last of 4 sock blanks dyed by me and Sweet Pea a year or two ago.  Frighteningly, when I opened the sock yarn drawer to start another pair... I'm down to like 4 skeins of sock yarn.  And none of them green.  Dudes.  I need to order yarn.


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