Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Too Hot for Handspun

What did you do for Easter?  I finished up a cozy wool sweater just in time for 70 degree weather.


This is me standing in front of my house, trying to look like I'm not baking in my new Handspun Garter Yoke cardigan.  I followed the pattern pretty closely, though I used a dk weight yarn, rather than worsted.  I followed the stitch counts for the large size and it came out, after blocking, to be a small or xs.  I had knit an adult sweater from the Swish DK before, and knew that it would probably grow quite a bit, so I planned accordingly.  It did not disappoint!

I love the way the handspun looks with the grey Swish DK,but Will refers to this as my Wesley Crusher sweater.  Which isn't too bad, as far as geek chic goes :)

I knit buttonholes into it, but now am thinking I'd like to try a separating zipper instead.  The sweater has actually been put away due to our warm weather, but I think I'll put in a zipper before next winter.  The sweater is a bit oversized, and comes in at 1039 yds, bumping up my 12 mile quest quite a bit!

In other news, I'm still up in the air about attending Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I priced out some really reasonable hotels in the area, but can't bring myself to make a reservation.  Every time I come close, my mind formulates a list of how many beautifully dyed batts I could buy off of Etsy for the same price...

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Tikabelle said...

I love it! Great color on you. I wish I could wear that grey! But just LOOK at how awesome your spinning is!! I've never knitted mine into a wearable garment. Way to go, you!

I think you should wait on MS&W. If it's not the Right Time, it won't be as amazing an experience as you want it to be. Also, I'm not going this year. Once I've got a job teaching, maybe we could plan a celebration trip! Then the hotel would be half as much, which means Etsy batts AND MS&W. :D