Friday, May 21, 2010

Yak. Really, yak.

This is a new fiber blend for me, 50% yak and 50% merino.  It's ridiculously soft and I adore the greeney browns of the dye.  The braid was from CorgiHillFarm and the colorway was North Bark Moss.  Seriously, she has the best color names.  And colors, of course, but I'm sucked into the names, I will admit. 


430 yards of Merino/Yak 50/50, 2 ply.  I think it's about a fingering weight, maybe a tiny overspun in parts, but I think my spinning is coming along quickly!

Also, last night we read a Richard Scarry book that has a yak in it, so my kids got to listen to a fiber-bearing animal lecture during story time.  Let's all pretend they loved it, mmkay?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mossy Stonington


It's done.  It took me all semester, but the shawl is done.  The pattern is a Zimmerman, mostly garter stitch, with a little bit of lace edge from VLT, brings you 775 yards of Alpaca Cloud in the now-discontinued Moss color. 

Phew.  That was a long one.  Shawl #3 of 10.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dream in DNA

I don't do a lot of gift knitting.  Either I'm afraid it won't fit, or it won't be the right color or style, or my knitting simply isn't 'good enough.'  I'm trying to get over this idea that various aspects of me aren't 'good enough' so I'm doing more gift knitting.

Dream in Color Classy, Cloud Jungle; 248 Yards.

Plus, this was perfect.  June Oshiro's DNA Scarf is one of the first 10 things that I ever queued on ravelry, the first day my account was activated for the beta (anyone else remember how exciting it was to get that email?).  I've wanted it for myself, but I only use DNA occasionally in my work.  My office mate, however, is quite the geneticist, so this scarf is now hers.

This is the first time that I worked with Classy, and I like it.  I used size 7 needles, which was really dense.  I think I might go up a size or two if I use it again, though I'm not sure I will any time soon.  The colors are nice, but I'm falling further and further in lurve with spinning.

Next up?  An FO of the Stonington...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Yeah.  I'm not there.  It's less than 2 hours away, but I opted out again this year.  Instead, Sweet Pea had a rocking birthday party, I've knit a ton, and even managed to play a bit of Star Trek Online (just don't tell my WoW mage!). 

Since I didn't spend money on a hotel this weekend, I got this and this at from Corgi Hill Farm.  Due to my planning and her crazy-fast shipping, I started on the merino/yak blend this morning.  Still getting the hang of the fiber itself, and I'm completely entranced by the colors.

Speaking of spinning, Corgi Hill Farm fiber, and what I did this weekend:


Here's Sweet Pea, wearing her new February Little Girl Shrug. It's 200 yds of handspun (remember this?) based on EZ's February Baby Sweater. In retrospect, I should have done more raglan increases and left out a row of the yoke increases, but it's pretty cute.