Friday, May 21, 2010

Yak. Really, yak.

This is a new fiber blend for me, 50% yak and 50% merino.  It's ridiculously soft and I adore the greeney browns of the dye.  The braid was from CorgiHillFarm and the colorway was North Bark Moss.  Seriously, she has the best color names.  And colors, of course, but I'm sucked into the names, I will admit. 


430 yards of Merino/Yak 50/50, 2 ply.  I think it's about a fingering weight, maybe a tiny overspun in parts, but I think my spinning is coming along quickly!

Also, last night we read a Richard Scarry book that has a yak in it, so my kids got to listen to a fiber-bearing animal lecture during story time.  Let's all pretend they loved it, mmkay?

1 comment:

Jacey said...

It's beautiful! Will it be socks or a shawl?

Richard Scarry. THat takes me back.