Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recipe Countdown: The Plunge!

I've decided, thanks to your votes (hi girls!) to take the plunge.  I've created a little page on the blog for finished recipes and have been diligently keeping track of what I cook.  I'm toying with different organization ideas but, for now, you can find the finished recipes in the side bar and the ticker under 'Dopamine Circuit'.  I hardly want to bombard my few but loyal readers with daily recipes, but I'll link to some of the more interesting ones.

Phew.  Commitment to excel.  Gotta love it.

So far the best night has been a 3 recipe Chicken Parmesan night that involved the whole family.  Sweet Pea couldn't stop dredging the chicken in parmesan and she declared the result better than chicken nuggets.

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Jacey said...

Making a recipe three different ways can be fun, and then you know you have a real winner. Good luck with your new challenge!