Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stalled Out on Shawls

Ten shawls.  Four down, six to go, and two of them are on the needles.  And I'm just not feeling it.  While lots of people like to knit shawls and socks in the summer, I always find myself with a lapful of large, cozy sweater. Right now I'm thinking of either another Brigid, or the Fireside Sweater.  Maybe it will be done in time for nice, cool weather...

But!  I got a new sewing machine, and it works, and I totally made a little, lined zippered bag!  I used this tutorial, and it was fantastic.  I don't even have the zipper foot, yet, but it turned out really well.

I needed a new change/cash/usb key bag to toss in my purse and this is it!  I didn't have any interfacing, so I threw in some quilt batting to give it some heft.  It's a little big, so I'm planning another one, with a smaller zipper.  Since every Joann Fabric store that I've visited in the area has been totally off-putting, I dove into our rag-bag and removed some zippers from old jeans and khakis.  I sense a wealth of little zippered pockets in my future!

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Jacey said...

Cute! Your zipper installation looks fantastic. Sewing is fun, and addictive.