Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Gifts!

Spoiler alert!  If you 1) have recently had an adorable little baby girl, 2) have recently sent me your address, or 3) your name rhymes with mane, please read no further.

That's right.  Come back in a few days.  It'll be safe then :)


(Is she gone?  Ok...)

For the rest of you, I've finished some gift knitting and can't wait for the package to get there before I show the rest of you!

A set of blanket and sweater. The sweater is none other than EZ's February Baby sweater,  and the blanket is roughly based off of the Circle of Friends blanket.  Honestly, I liked the look of it, but would hardly be worth my salt as a knitter if I couldn't throw together a garter stitch blanket without a pattern!

Here's a closeup of the sweater itself.

Reasons I love this set:
1.  It matches.  I love matching.
2.  It's tiny.  Babies are tiny.  That matches too.
3.  I've been wanting to knit the February baby sweater for absolutely ages.
4. It ate up a shoebox full of stash.  Not kidding.  236 yards of Rowan wool cotton for the sweater, 840 yards of Rowan Wool cotton and Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino for the blanket.
5.  I totally crocheted.  That little border around the blanket?  Crochet!  See?  Those hooks are apparently not just for dropped stitches.
6.  A new little human gets hand knits just for her.


Jacey said...

What an adorable set! I have yet to knit the ever-popular EZ baby sweater, but yes, it is a classic. Yours is darling. And congrats on the crocheted border!

veejayemm said...

So sweet! Wish I had a baby just so I could get something like this from you. Well...maybe not.

Famous Amos said...

I'll have kids if you promise to knit them something!