Friday, July 2, 2010

Recipe Countdown: Month 1

Thirty four recipes done in 30 days, 331 left to go!  Memorable recipes have included several types of freezer jam (which is so easy everyone should try it), creamy lemon caper chicken, and brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar onions and bacon.  The kids have snipped their own herbs, carefully turned on the Kitchen Aid mixer for the first time, and made incredibly messy cupcakes that were shaped vaguely like sharks.  We made a vaguely ok emergency  chocolate birthday cake with no butter, vastly improved by its peanut butter frosting.  It's been a blast so far.

Snipping herbs.
Making omelettes and snipping more herbs.
The pan-fried okra, which was surprisingly tasty.

Next up?  Cherry conserve and something with a spaghetti squash that I accidentally bought.  But first?  Tour de Fleece, baby!

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Jacey said...

You've been a busy cook! That's quite a lot of recipes for one month. Great job!