Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010

This Tour de Fleece has brought me 1684 yards of yarns, and some as-of-yet unplied singles.  My wheel is tired, my brakeband is still intact, and the afternoon's thunderstorms have prevented me from getting better pictures.

First up, we have a cashmere/merino blend in Red Grapes from Corgi Hill Farm that was my first project on my Julia's high speed flier.  I got 2 2-ply skeins for a total of 644 yards, plus a 20 yard chain plied skein.  I didn't love the flier - instead of sliding hooks, it has sliding rings on a hollow metal tube and it was a complete pain to get the singles back together when it broke.

Next was some silk/merino from Ashland Bay in Sea Mist, which I hope is a suitably masculine color. It already has plans as a Christmas present for my FIL (shh!  don't tell!).  It's 11-13 wpi, which is about DK weight and I have 342 yds of 2 ply and 14 yds of chain-ply.
The final finished yarn is a merino/camel/tussah silk in Leeks that I am absolutely in lurve with.  I've never tried this blend before and it was sooo wonderful to spin.  I got 656 yards of what I think is a light fingering weight, though I haven't gotten the wpi because it's not totally dry yet.  And, it's green! I still have no idea what I'll knit with it, but I'll be petting it until then. 

I also started a bobbin of singles of the faux cashmere.  But, it's not finished, so we'll save more on that for later...

It was a great Tour, and I enjoyed reading everyone else's spinning experiences.  Looking forward to next year...


Jacey said...

Wow, you got a lot accomplished this month. I love that shade of green in the third yarn.

Tikabelle said...

Dude, you are so far ahead of me in the 12-Mile Quest! Do you think you'll make it this year?

Also, you can send me that green yarn anytime you want. /drool