Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little Pink Riding Hood

Wow, two jobs really cuts down on my blogging time!  Knitting still progresses, so I have plenty of things to show you (and some Christmas goodies that will have to wait...).  For now I have a lovely Malabrigo hood for me in... pink!  Surprised?

640 yards of Malabrigo worsted (just over 3 skeins).  The pattern is the Pfeiffer Hills Hooded scarf from Interweave Winter 2008.  I loved the idea of a hooded scarf with pockets from the moment I saw the pattern.  My best friend in kindergarten had a hooded scarf and I thought it made so much sense and would keep me from constantly losing my hats.

This was my second try at the pattern.  I wasn't wild about the elongated braid so, the first time, I tried replacing it with a tighter braid.  Meh.  It didn't work out so well.  Plus, the yarn was riduculously scratchy (Paton's Non-merino wool) so it sits in my unfinished project drawer, taking up space.

This, though.... Mmmmalabrigo!  I told you I was crazy for this stuff.  In fact, I've been dying to make this sweater in Malabrigo.  Only... I can't seem to find a sweater's worth of green, grey, or brown anywhere!


Tikabelle said...

Sounds like it's time to branch out of your color comfort zone! :P

I like the hooded scarf! It's raining here and is one of the rare days when I'm grateful to have warm knits. I miss weather!

Beth Stewart said...

Wow, I love, love, love the hooded scarf! I was totally surprised that you chose pink. You look great in it, and I'd long since given up the idea of seeing you wear pink again. Nice!

Jacey said...

It's beautiful, and the color is really nice on you. I hope you get lots of wear from it this season.

Dragonsabre said...

You mentioned the pockets but didn't quite capture the squee-factor involved :)

jayne said...

Hooded scarf? A thousand times yes! This would never have occurred to me. Love the pink. It looks mauve-ish, actually.