Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To cowl or not to cowl?

Last week, as I was waiting for the train and trying to arrange my scarf tightly enough to keep my neck warm but not so tight as to choke me, I had a revelation.

I want a cowl.

I figure, as a knitter, I could make this happen.  Then the following conversation occured:

Doubting self: "A cowl.  Really?  But we hate turtlenecks, tight scarves, and anything that rubs on our neck."

Excited self: "But totally!  A cowl!  We won't have to fuss with tucking in ends.  And we've never, ever knit one!"

Doubting self:  "We've never knit a tea cozy either.  Or a doily."

Excited self:  "Doilies are crochet.  And our neck is coooooold!  C'mon.  It would count for 10 Shawls in 2010.  We just wound a ball of Sea Silk...."

Doubting self: "Oh, the Sea Silk is nice.  And I never thought we'd make it through 10 shawls..."

Excited self: "We can do it!  I know we can!"

Doubting self:  "Don't push it.  You sound like a cheerleader.  We are not a cheerleader."

Excited self:  "Let's just check ravelry for a good idea tonight."

And there I discovered wisp (along with 2963 other people).  A shawl, with buttons to convert to a long cowl.  Or hooded scarf (see obsession from my last entry).  With an easy stitch pattern!

Several days later...


It's practically knitting itself! Take that, Doubting Self!


Jacey said...

Yay, Brie (I hope that doesn't count as cheerleading...)! You've made it a lot farther than me in the 10shawls in 2010 KAL. Your new cowl is coming out very nicely.

thejitteryknitter said...

I love the "conversation" you had with yourself I have those all the time and than I think it can't hurt to just "look" at ravelry....3 hours later me and my doubt have added another project to the needles and another 10 to the queue....bad ravelry lol