Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've been musing over possible fiber-related goals for the year.  10 shawls in 2010 was fun, but I want to try something new.  I mentioned my current obsession with sweaters, and I've been toying with the idea of my own sock club.  Then I've been finding little patterns here and there that would be fun.  Plus, there's all the fun spinning!  But then there are a few WIPs that really should get done...

But there was no theme!  I decided to make 11 my theme for 2011; 11 things from each thing I want to knit (or spin) this year.  If I do one a month from each, I should be just about on time.  But there's a little wiggle room, too.
  And items can count for more than one category.  If I knit a cabled hat for my brother - that's three categories right there!

11 Sweaters
11 Mittens/Gloves
11 Socks
11 Hats
11 Skeins of handspun
11 Other objects
11 Cabled Things
11 Lace things
11 Gifts
11 Things from Handspun
11 Things from that have been queued for longer than a year

Anyone else have 11 things they want to accomplish this year?  


Tikabelle said...

Ooo, I like this idea! Since I've only ever finished ONE grown-up sized sweater, I'm pretty sure that eleven is an unattainable goal at this point. But I like the rest of your list very much! I'mma have to mull this one over a bit. :D

Jacey said...

I like your take on 2011, and I especially love the goal to knit 11 things tat have been in the queue for over a year. That would be nice.

Beth Stewart said...

Congratulations on your list. I'm always amazed by your energy and organization!

Love you,