Thursday, January 27, 2011

For strategic sheep purposes...

That's right!  Today's post is brought to you by the Falkland's (via Corgi Hill Farm's magnificent dye pots and my  very own spinning wheel).
Falkland, and is the January fiber of the month for CHF's un-club (details here) and I chose the Irish Moss colorway.  It's 204 yards of chain plied goodness and I just can't decide what to knit from it.

And this:
is a camel silk blend called 'Fresh Dill' that was on the wheel when the postman brought the Falkland braid. It's 250 yards of heaving fingering 2-ply.  Only through sheer willpower did I manage to get it finish and plied before immediately throwing on the Falkland (which is currently hogging all my love).  I still have 4 or so ounces of this color to spin up, but this polwarth
is trying to jump the queue.

If you've never tried CHF's fibers (and even if you have!) you may want to check out this rav thread where you could win some.

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Jacey said...

So much spinning! I love the colors, and I think that Polwarth would call my name as well.