Saturday, January 22, 2011

January is for Sweaters

As 2010 was drawing to a close, and I was trying to cram in every last shawl and Christmas hat, I really found myself wanting to work on sweaters.  Don't get me wrong - I love hats, scarves, lace shawls, and even socks.  Somehow, sweaters - with their issues of fit, gauge, and fashion, seem like the holy grail of knittings.  Plus, it's cold out!  I wear this to work nearly every day, and could use a few more.  Besides, even Tika mentioned that eleven sweaters in a year might be a bit crazy.  I don't deny that I might resort to tiny sweater-shaped ornaments by December, but I'm going to go for some full size ones in the mean time.

I'm turning my ridiculous Palette stash:


into an EPS colorwork yoke sweater (which meant ordering 9 skeins of charcoal heather for the body and sleeves, but this still counts as stash busting)!  I'm cruising through the body, and am now faced with a decision:

Autumnal browns and reds?
Cool greys and greens?
I ask you, my lovely readers... what do you think?

And, because January is also for baking hot things, I'm celebrating my pantry reorganization with these potholder tutorials:

Time to dust off that sewing machine!


Tikabelle said...

I vote for the autumnals. You tend to skew blues/greens (and always have! Even in birthday cakes!), so I say, try something a little risky! Plus you look good in rust.

I've been thinking about food blogging myself. I usually don't because by the time I finish cooking I'm HUNGRY. :D

Jacey said...

I vote for the cool colors. Either would be lovely, though!

alligator said...

I like the cool colors. I think they will pop against the dark gray better. The sweater is going to be lovely no matter what you chose though!