Friday, February 4, 2011


Hello lovely readers.

It's apparently February, which means several things didn't happen in january.  They include, in no particular order:
a. Blogger did not successfully allow me to update my sidebar goals to include either the Elevensies or update 12 miles goals.
b. This hasn't turned out to be a huge problem because I've only finished ONE knitting project in January.  Eleven of anything is starting to sound daunting.
c.  A five day week.  Seriously, I love snow days as much as the next person, but my kids are starting to forget what it's like to not check the weather channel every morning.
d. Beginning of my self-imposed sock club to try new sock patterns.

But it's all okay, because I have this...


Beth Stewart said...

That is gorgeous!

Beth Stewart said...

It's gorgeous! You have the magic:)

KARIN said...

It's looks wonderful! Very inspiring. Makes me want to start one.