Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flip-open Mittens

Cowls and flip open mittens.  These are trends that I've seen this winter that I covet.  There are some lovely patterns on ravelry for flip open mittens, but it was easy enough to make my own...

These are done with Palette held doubled (go stash-busting!) on size 5 needles.  It used 371 yards and made a nice, firm fabric.  I used a basic fingerless glove pattern, some basic colorwork, and garter edges at the tops:
I knitted the tops separately, almost like toe-up socks and grafted them to the mitt. This was where the colorwork came in really handy - it helped me get the tops on in the same spot on both of them!  These were a practice round, for a coworker.  They were so easy, though, I may make another pair for myself.

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Jacey said...

Love the mitts! My girlfriend spent her honeymoon in Iceland and she brought me back some flip-top mittens. They are so fun! I definitely want to try my hand at a piar. Thanks for sharing.