Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yogurt Fail

I had this great post written out in my head, in which I extolled both the ease and the virtues of homemade yogurt.  Only to wake up the next morning to find that, for the first time, my yogurt did not, in fact, 'yog'.  (Really, I'm lacking for a verb here, and just abusing English).  I have no more yogurt based recipes, and am currently troubleshooting the protocol for temperature and concentrations.  Luckily, troubleshooting protocols is something I have experience in.  Stay tuned.

To distract you from the lack of yogurt recipes, here's an FO!
These are fingerless gloves to match this Multnomah.  I used the same laceweight, but held double and used 228 yards.  I improvised the design - it's basically knit flat in one piece, with a gusseted thumb that doesn't extend beyond the gusset (so you don't have to pick up extra stitches, or knit it separately).  They were really easy, and a last ditch effort to finish 12 miles in 2010.  However, they weren't bound off and grafted until January, so they get to be 2011's first knitted FO!

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