Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Polwarth to Scarf Therapy

Sometimes people ask my why I knit.  Maybe it's because it's the new nerdy.  Sometimes its meticulous and appeals to my OCD.  Sometimes it's soothing, pretty, and demands nothing.  This is one of the latter:
That's a brainless, nameless, garter stitch scarf that got me through last week. We'll skip over most of the details, but I killed an iPod, had several family members through various health-blahs, knit four socks that didn't fit, and cried about stats.  This scarf was my fall back.

It's about 200 yards of handspun.  It even has adorable little Celtic Knot buttons so it can be worn as a cowl like this:
(Please ignore the squinting and the sun :)

I knit it from this:
220 yards of chain plied Polwarth.  I had heard Polwarth has the softness of merino without all that pesky pilling that comes from short staple length.  I found it to be lofty and soft, but much easier to spin than merino.   The colorway is Time Wars, and its from (where else?) Corgi Hill Farms.  Seriously, I have an addiction to her colorsense and range of fibers.  I'm even picking out the fiber for this year's Tour de Fleece....

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Jacey said...

I love your new cowl, especially since it is from your own handspun. The buttons are a great touch.