Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Baking-type Morning

First thing this morning, Sweet Pea came out to the living room, rubbing her eyes.  She collapsed into one of the comfy chairs, rubbed her eyes while looking up at me, and said; "Mommy, can we bake something?"  I set down my knitting and coffee (of course I was knitting...) and out came Dorie Greenspan's Baking.  An hour later we had Blueberry Brown Sugar Plain cake, not to mention several other recipes that I've been meaning to try.  Rather than string them all together, I played around with a mosaic maker on flickr (inspired by Jacey's recent faboo mosaics!) and I bring you this...
Spring foods
A host of fantastic things we've made in the past couple of weeks.  My recipe countdown project is currently at 199, meaning I only have 66 more to make before June 1st!  I've got a stack of magazines and cookbooks, and this might actually happen!

This mosaic includes adaptations of:
Chocolate Bark
Italian Gravy (that's a link to the book)
Marinated Mushrooms
Soy Wasabi Dip
Twice Baked Chipotle Sweet Potatoes
Blue Berry Cake
Parmesan Crackers

In other news, everyone but Sweet Pea loved the blueberry cake that she picked out.  At least the baking part was fun!

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Jacey said...

Making mosaics is fun! It looks like you've been making all kinds of delicious goodies! How was the soy wasabi dip?