Thursday, April 21, 2011

Juno, Born and Raised

It's not often I get to play on words with the name of my hometown, so I'll take what I can get!
If you recall the Leeks Camel/Tussah/Merino that I spun as part of last year's Tour de Fleece, you'll understand why this yarn looks so familiar.  This is Miriam Felton's Juno Regina wrap, in 564 yards of camelid blend goodness.  I was turned on to this pattern several years ago by Tika of Largely Unrepeatable, and its been languishing in my queue every since!  I can highly recommend the pattern as travel knitting.  The edges are complicated enough to be distracting during a 7 hour flight, while the middle bits are great for waiting in lines, riding in taxis, or even relaxing by the pool (as seen below).

As a side note, this is my first lace project of the year.  10 shawls really wiped me out last year!

And, of course, my traditional 'stuck to a tree' picture.  I'm not sure where I'll photograph my shawls when we move out of this place.


Jacey said...

Your Juno is beautiful! I tried making this, before I had much lace experience, and quickly gave up. Someday, I will try it again, now that I have confidence when dealing with lace. I just love the color of your handspun here!

Tikabelle said...

Yay, Juno! It's lovely. I really should knit another one of those...

In other news, did you KNOW how many Juneau people are in Portland? Hint: a LOT. It's kind of weird.