Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Recipes

Welcome, dear friends, to the final day of my Recipe Countdown.  On June 1st of last year, I started keeping track of every recipe we cooked.  I fell a little short of 365 new recipes in 365 days, but I'm pretty proud to say that we managed 238 new recipes!  Tonight's success involved Prosciutto-Wrapped Tilapia (adapted from America's Test Kitchen Simple Recipes) and Warm Broccoli Salad.
I'm working on classifying and categorizing all the trials (and tribulations!).  Would there be interest in the actual recipes?  If so, I can work on making them available on another site.

I wonder what to cook now...


Tikabelle said...

Wow, 238 is a lot! That's a big effort, and I applaud you heartily! Congratulations! And yes, I would love the recipes. :D

Jacey said...

That's an impressive amount of recipes in a year! Way to stick with it!