Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bark of the Spruce

I've dabbled in dyeing both my own yarn and fiber. Just after I got my wheel, I dyed and spun up this, my Spruce Sky Merino from Jan 2010.
 I recently got a copy of Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece and wanted to dabble with a way of doing multiple colors in the oven.
I used the fleeve leftover from my Spruce Sky superwash merino because it didn't have quite enough color to suit my tastes. The finished yarn was a little washed out, so I added more to these braids.
Then I took one of those braids and overdyed it brown.
I spun the singles up,

... then plied the overdyed brown with the brighter orange and green. There's a bit more color, not too much of the orange.

There's a bit of barber-poling in the finished yarn, but I'm hoping it mellows as I knit. Now... what to knit?


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Jacey said...

Very cool! I've never dyed fiber, although I dyed yarn once. It's so much fun. I really love seeing how different the yarn looks from the dyed fiber! Your new yarn is lovely.