Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bulky Montague Camping Vest

Last month we went on our first family camping trip. We spent a weekend in Hershey, PA and had a blast.  Before we left, I had just enough time to toss my copy of New England knits, random balls from my Palette stash, and size 11 needles into a bag.  I had my eye on the Bulky Montague Lace vest.  In the 'roughing it' spirit of the weekend, I passed on anything resembling a swatch and just had fun.  And... it was a fun knit!

Does it fit me?  Not especially!  But, it fits Sweet Pea and she loves it.


This is 513 yards of Palette, which was help tripled. I'd love to tell you the colors, but the ball bands have been gone for while. I think one might be celadon heather, and another edamame? Who knows? :) 

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