Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy Weekend Fun!

It's Tuesday, and we are recovering from a crazy weekend of fun!

We kicked it off on Thursday with a visit from an old friend.  Tika, of Largely Unrepeatable, managed to squeeze in a visit to Philly!  In addition to being a great knitter and spinner, she also happens to be an old friend from high school.
Tika and Tangled Web
In addition to the requisite cheesesteak, we visited the Tangled Web.  There was a bit of stash enhancement (lace weight!  Whee!), a nice walk in the sun, and a bit if Hershey's ice cream at the market.

Saturday was Little Dude's birthday party, and much fun was had by all.  The house was awash with preschoolers.  They enjoyed making noise, making English muffin pizzas, and eating cake (in no particular order).  Sunday was another birthday party, this time for another friend, which involved just as much noise, pizza, and cake.  While it was all terrific fun, I don't mind telling you all...
This was me within five minutes of coming in the door Sunday night!


Tikabelle said...

I had so. much. fun. Thank you for inviting me into your home! I hope I get to extend the favor sometime! Also I need you to PM me your address. I have a lil somethin for you. <3 T

Jacey said...

It sounds like you had a very fun weekend! I hope to visit Philly someday.