Monday, June 13, 2011

Fruit Fun!

We just finished a crazy busy weekend, which involved a fun party on Saturday night.  Since much of the earlier part of the day was taken up with family-goodness, I knew I wouldn't have time to make anything elaborate.  I opted, instead, to make a quick fruit tower  (which I'd seen in this month's issue of Food Network magazine).


Less than ten bucks at the local produce store got us melons, strawberries, and grapes.  I dug the skewers out of the grilling bin, and we were good to go.  I cut off a bit of the bottom of the watermelon (enough so it sat flat), then halved it to make a nice, stable base for the skewers.  The one in the magazine had perfectly round melon balls, but that was a bit fussy for me.  I opted for cubed melons, halved strawberries, and good old grapes.  I think the different shapes gave it visual interest (and were waaay easier than messing with perfect spheres).


Need two other bonuses to this project?  If you use a paper plate under the base, it's entirely disposable/recyclable.  So, if you're planning on heading to a party elsewhere, you don't have to worry about packing back your dishes.  Also, if you've got older kids (who can be trusted with skewers) it's a great project for making patterns!

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Jacey said...

Fruit is always a great party food. It's pretty, healthy, and colorful! Your arrangement looks fantastic!