Thursday, June 9, 2011

Half a plan

Running a marathon is always one of those things I've wanted to do, but not been sure I had it in me.  Last week a friend asked if I wanted to run a half-marathon with her next fall, and I tentatively accepted.  Part of me was squeeing with delight, and part was utterly convinced that I could never pull it off (that's the self-doubting part).  I spent a week yoyoing between the two, and have dedicated this week to a feasibility study...

I grabbed several portable electronics, fired up the treadmill, and spent about an hour on the Runner's World training page.  I've run on the treadmill both Tuesday (3.65 miles in 31 minutes) and Thursday (2.58 miles in 24 minutes).  Today I also did a bit of Wii jogging as a warm up and cool down.  It's been years since I did regular, actual running and now I have that familiar tightness in my legs and am scrambling to remember all my old stretches!

I'm planning on a Saturday treadmill run, then next week I might look into some interval training  After a few weeks I'm hoping to get pretty comfortable doing 4 miles.  Then I might commit to a race.   After all, half a marathon is only half a commitment.  It should be half as intimidating, right?  Right??


Jacey said...

Awesome! I've always thought about it, too, but it has always seems out of reach. I think your plan sounds great, and I'm excited for you!

alligator said...

Whoohoo! Go for it! Runner's World is a great magazine (and they have a pretty good website). Don't know about where you live but our local library carries it.
I love running but I've never done any race longer than a 5k. I'm afraid to run a race on a road since I do all my training on trails!