Friday, September 16, 2011

Llama Llama Sweater!

This sweater has gone to its recipient, so I can now share it with you lovely people!


Yes, those are llamas!  A good friend of mine recently finished vet school and is crazy for llamas.  Years ago, I remember sitting in a seminar with her when our favorite instructor came in wearing a a yoked sweater with llamas.  My friend and I quietly argued about who would be brave enough to go ask her about it, and we ended up both going together.  Our instructor was flattered, but hadn't made it herself.... So, eventually, I figured out how!

I found a great llama colorwork pattern on this hat, and adapted it so that the llamas would have saddle colors echoing the rest of the colorwork (Celadon, in Palette, if you're curious.  The main body is Charcoal Heather).  The rest is all EZ and Barbara Walker.  Oh, yeah, and the endless Palette Stash.  1820 yards.  Booyah.



Jacey said...

It's so cool! The llamas are adorable, and the sweater fits so well. You did a great job, and what an amazing gift!

Margaret Almon said...

That is an awesome sweater! I admire your ability to figure out a way to put llamas on the yoke!

Laporte said...

And OOOOOOOHHH how I love the sweater!!! Love love love. You are just about the awesomest and I seriously wish I could visit you.