Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mittens on a Cord

Kids lose mittens.  My kids lose handknit mittens.  It's hardly a crime, but I'd like to slow the rate of loss.  So, I turned to the coat cord!  A few feet of Icord, sewn to the cuff, and run through the sleeves of the coat.

This has the added bonus of drastically increasing the speed at which we can find matching mittens first thing in the morning.  Plus, according to the Little Dude, it's kind of like having nunchucks hanging out of your coat. You can pick your favorite reason for the coat cord, but they're all pretty good!


The yarn is Elegance (190 yards), which I've previously used in this sweater, and this scarf.  The picture was taken before I added the cord, but it's now safely in place.  It's a lovely alpaca/silk blend that has, sadly, been discontinued.  The pattern is loosely based on the mitten and tam patterns from Ann Budd's fabulous book.

Of course, once Sweet Pea had a set, the Little Dude wanted one, too.  His is about 175 yards of Knit Picks Swish DK (the grey left over from this sweater, the blue-green from this one) and a butter yellow skein of Heirloom easy care 8-ply.  Both the hat and mittens are already a little small, so a third set may be in the works.  Goodness knows I've got the stash for it!


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