Friday, January 6, 2012

More Stashbusting

2012 has many big changes in store for us.  We are planning a Big Move - not far, but hopefully buying a house!  While I'm excited about some of the changes, the actual act of moving is a bit daunting.  I look around our house, and imagine putting it all (toys!  clothes!  yarn!  electronics!  fabric!) in boxes and get a little weak.

For example:

That's not all of the stash, just the part I haven't seen in awhile.  It doesn't include the laceweight, or the handspun, or the drawer of fingering weight for colorwork.  Or the sockyarn.  It takes up half a dresser.  There's a sweater's worth of Malabrigo, a couple of half-frogged sweaters that don't fit, but mostly... odds and ends.  Some labeled, some not so much.  Most of it has remained untouched for ~1.5 years, possible 2.  It's a mess, and I'm starting to resent the space it's taking in my house.  And, the potential packing it represents for a move.

So... Stashdown '12.  It's on.

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Tikabelle said...

I'm in! This year is the year I look for (and FIND, dammit) a job, apply for PhD programs, and - just between you and me and the internet - maybe move back to the San Jose area. So all that stash has to go somewhere that's not under the bed, the dresser in the living room, and MY ENTIRE CLOSET.

Buying a house! WHEEE!! That's awesome!