Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Last week, I came clean about the amount of yarn stash I have.  This week, I'm digging out some UFOs, most of which have been on the needles for months!  They will be finished, or frogged!
Kindled Fires socks.  One is done, and it wasn't much fun to knit.  The needles are small and the socks are denser than I care for... But the colors in the yarn are beautiful!

Flip top mittens.  Again, one is done!

This sweater was too short, and I wasn't wild about how the colorwork on the set -in sleeves widened my shoulders.  I frogged it, lengthened it, and now just need to knit the raglan top.  Now this yarn is discontinued, so I'm hoping that I have enough.

The Sock Blanket.  I didn't knit a stitch on this last year.  Not one.  Maybe it would be a good baby blanket for Wicket...

And another sweater project.  This yarn has been earmarked for Sweet Pea since I got it several years ago, due to its pink content (though it looks red here...).  It has, however, survived to major froggings.  This has only been on the needles a few days, but it flying... One sleeve done, one mostly done, and several inches into the plain stockinette body.


Jacey said...

Lots of good WIPs! I've got two socks without mates right now. They make me feel guilty. Although I guess I could wear each one and call it a match. I think you should definitely continue with the sock blanket, even if it's for your little one.

dozenoaks said...

I left half my WIPs when I emigrated - quite a good way of cutting down! Hopefully I'll fall back in love with them on my return....