Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Matters

We are buying a house.  A nice little house with bricks, hardwood floors, and a fenced yard.  I am over the moon about it.  The cloud on the outside of the silver lining is that all of our worldly belongings need to go into boxes.  The silver lining around that cloud (wait - this is starting to sound like a lasagna, not a cloud...) is that I've been digging out craft supplies that I'd completely forgotten.  This has led to several impromptu crafting sessions, including these...

Matching pants for Little Dude and his doll (Simplicity 5276 and Simplicity 2826) made from several yards of flannel that I've been carting around for over a decade.  I've got coordinating nightgowns for Sweet Pea and her doll already cut out, but not sewn up just yet.  We'll see if it happens before the sewing machine gets packed up!

In other news, I've started yet another blog!  While I will continue to update this blog with knitting and general craftiness, the new one is more personal and family oriented.  If you'd like to be added to the reading list for my personal blog, leave your email in the comments.  I'll add you to the readers list (and promise to not publish the comment with your address).