Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Plans!

Welcome to a new year.  I'm beginning this one as I began all the others I can remember; planning the year ahead!  I've got food planning, craft planning, house planning, and even a tentative Family Friday Game night in the works.

upload I'm also starting a new twitter project, #whatiate.  Like many good things, it's starts with a big mug of coffee.   I've used several different online tools to keep track of what I eat, but find most of them cumbersome, especially for tracking homemade food.  I'm hoping a quick picture will do the trick, and twitter will have enough accountability!  The plan is to make it the whole month, and hopefully prevent my sneaky bites of brownies in the kitchen.  Seriously.  I'm just getting the hang of twitter, but it's @bookstoregirl, if you're curious.

Spontaneous color workKnitting still occurs in this house, though I've started knitting in a bohemian, pattern-free sort of way.  Lace work is right out, but hats, fingerless gloves, and kids' sweaters have taken forefront.  This is a sweater I'm knitting for the Little Dude, who manages to outgrow every sweater as I finish it.  The circumference is nearly enough to fit me, so I'm hoping it'll be enough for the 5 year old!  And that I can finish it before he turns 6...

How have all of you been?  Any new crafting plans on the horizon?  Happy 2013!

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