Friday, March 29, 2013

Dyeing my Thumb to Green

Despite the snowstorm we had earlier this week, spring is here!! I've been holed up with books and websites all winter, planning a garden. Now, it's time to begin enacting our plans... DSC09228
The little dude has helped me start some seeds in one of these trays that I hope works!  He has previously described me as a 'hurricane of killing' when it comes to plants.  We'll see if I can change my ways...

Here are the seeds we're starting indoors!  So far we've got tomatillos, brussels sprouts, Joe Parker New Mexico chilis, and Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes.  More will be started in the raised beds in the yard in a few weeks.

We've got some citrus and a bay tree in the window, to hold us over until it truly warms up outside.  This is our windowsill of yum!  (Don't worry, we're not eating the prayer plant).

Lemon trees have really pretty flowers!

We'll keep you posted on our progress to grow some of our own food!