Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dover Air Force Base Heritage Half Marathon -

What do you get when you pack a family of 5 into an SUV with 48 ounces of coffee and an audio book, at 5 am?  In this family, a half marathon!

The Dover AFB half marathon was a short, pre-dawn drive. It's a small race, but with same-day packet pickup, strollers allowed, and a reasonable entry fee, it was perfect for the whole famile. The absolutely negligible elevation changes made for a lovely spring run. 

The great thing about running as a family is that everyone has a their own goal or place in their racing adventure. Today was Little Dude's first half marathon. He's been excited for weeks; getting up early to train, telling everyone about the giant planes we were going to run around. 

Then, this morning, he started freaking out. Quietly, which is immediately unusual for my boy whose main problem in school is not talking. Race day jitters took their hold and he nearly took me up on the offer to stay in the car while his sister and dad ran the race without us. 

Three miles in, he was on cloud nine. A really, really chatty cloud nine. Chatting, smiles, and an hour of family time passed. 

Then, at mile 11, he didn't think he could finish. Even if you don't run, you might be one of those people who traps themselves in negative self-doubt spirals. I know I've always been one of those people, even before I ran regularly. 

Now that I run, it's easy to see the fallacy of those self-destructive spirals. So, for half a mile, I held his hand and we walked and talked about how he could finish even if he doubted himself. And, lo and behold, he did. 

The post is a bit picture-light, since photos on the base weren't exactly condoned, but there were plenty of selfie hijinks with the kids at the finish line. 

It wouldn't be a travel race adventure without trying out the local foods. In Delaware, this means Grotto Pizza. And, more importantly, gelato. 

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Beth Stewart said...

I love this story about both of you. I'm so glad running has enabled you to shine even brighter!