Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Food Accountability - Enter YouFood!

I have been guilty of phases in which I clutter up my instagram and twitter with food photo journaling. I have also been guilty of phases in which I feel guilty about posting pictures of my food, so I stop.

Crazy, right?

Homemade Thai curry soup - lots of veggies and cashews and total yumminess!
But maintaining major weight loss isn't easy, especially with marathon training added into the mix. It's been nearly 8 years since I finished losing 120 pounds, but some of those have found their way back. My attitudes about this have changed - really, pants size is a heck of a lot less important than the amazing things I've done - but I have a goal. I'd like to carry about 15 pounds less of me when I cross over the marathon finish line this fall.

When I commit to taking and posting pictures of all the food I eat, I make much better choices about food. Not just for weight loss, but for fueling my runs, and other aspects of health.

Enter YouFood. Part food blogging, part food photojournaling, it's been a great couple of days of tracking everything. I've skipped ice cream I don't need, muffins I don't really want, and clearing my kids' plates when I'm not hungry any more. I've been eating more veggies, hitting the vending machine less, and feeling pretty damn good. I even ran intervals this morning, trying to bring my comfortable pace down a bit.

So, if you're interested in food tracking and a developing community of food lovers, check out YouFood. You'll find me on there as @booksnbrains and I look forward to seeing what you're eating!

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