Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Camping - Family Style

I love exploring new places. I love drinking my morning coffee in the early morning sun with the backdrop of new mountains, forested hills, or mesas I've never seen.

I don't always love trying to figure out all the gear and equipment needed to safely ensure this family of 5 has fun for several days away from home. Packing it all into our SUV? Doable. Packing it all into carryons for a flight out West? Much more intimidating.

So, we opted for cabin camping when we planned this summer's vacation, which already included several generations of extended family and a half marathon in South Dakota. Our favorite chain of campgrounds (KOA - is there another one?!) offers cabins in all of the campgrounds and this saved us all the tent-camping hassle.

Plus, bunk beds!

And a porch swing!

Many people have ideas about what constitutes 'real' camping. And you know what? Not a lot of them agree. So if you're interested in exploring areas outside of major cities, saving money on hotels, getting your kids outside more, or just camping without sleeping on the ground, I can't recommend these cabins enough.

Just don't forget your s'mores ingredients!

More on the race, the the buffalo, and fun family times in the next few days!