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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stashbusting Purple Stripes

Originally uploaded by thebookstoregirl

This is the stashbusting sweater that wouldn't die. It's partner sweater, for the Little Dude, was done in three days. This one was not significantly different in construction, yet took something like 8 months. I just wasn't feeling it. And, now, it's actually a bit too big. Sweet Pea likes wearing it, so that's something.

There are 5 different yarns and I could figure out the exact yardage, but I'm just going to use the put up from the Cashmerino Aran, which makes up the most of it. That's 522 yds, and pretty soon we'll be taking stock of total yardage this year.

Friday, April 3, 2009

One Dresser to Rule Them All

See those completely closed drawers? See the utter lack of baskets stacked on the dresser, spilling yarn from their sides? No boxes stacked in front with knitting needles poking out of the top?

The yarn organization, she is done. The stashbusting is nearly done. One box of WIPs remains and once that is done, the yarn stashbusting will nearly be done. We are on target for a mother's day spinning wheel order! I'm so freaking excited.

I'm also pretty excited about my new knitting organization. I can find everything I want without digging and making a huge mess. The yarns are organized by weight, with laceweight in the top all the way down to the heaviest in the bottom. The blue tin holds miscellany; knitting needles and cords that don't fit in my Knit Picks binder, random stitch markers, etc. The brown tin holds my tools and supplies for making stitch markers. The three silver tins along the back are for 1) buttons, 2) swatches and scraps and 3) crochet hooks and dpns. I'm still looking for the perfect picture for the frame but, for now, grey will do.

Next post will hopefully bring more FOs and, maybe, a new banner for the top of the blog!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Slaying the Cashmere Beast

Two years ago I wanted to knit an adult sized sweater. As my then-size was measured in trimesters, I did not want to knit for myself. So, I moved on to the next most-forgiving sweater recipient and pestered my husband with questions about what kind of sweater he would love. Then I found this on sale, and knew it would be perfect.

There was some weirdness with the ordering, and I didn't get my order notification within a few days. Within those same days, he changed his mind and and I got the yarn that eventually became this. The other yarn came, too, and I held onto it because it was so yummy.

About a year ago, I wanted a nice, bulky sweater for myself. So I did this:

That's a sweater yoke. A huge, enormous sweater yoke. I cast on some stitches, knit color work based loosely on Veronik Avery's Ski Jacket, then took it off the needles to block and check size. It was slightly in excess of 50 inches, was gave me some positive ease. The yarn is heavy, very heavy, and doesn't have a lot of memory. The drape is great, but it expanded largely after blocking, especially at the size that I had aimed for.

I knit the body most of the way down, then tried to knit the sleeves. The sweater was just to heavy, so I made another bad decision. I knitted the sleeves from the cuff up and tried to graft them on. After my first attempt, it was already too warm to work on it much so I was happy to put it in a box.

Since this stashbusting has been about owning up to all my boxes of yarn an d abandoned projects, however, this Cashmere Beast has been looming on my yarn horizon, a major hurdle standing between me and a spinning wheel. I pulled it out of the box and realized that, between my gauge stretching immensely due to weight of the yarn, and my own weight loss, I had approximately 14 inches of negative ease. In other words, it didn't fit. At all.

Up next? How I conquered this Cashmere Beast.

ETA: Fixing my craptastic ease mistake. Thanks Tika!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cashmerino Stash Buster, Green

It is rather disheartening to unpack every skein and ball from every nook and cranny of my house, sort it all and put away all the stuff that I love, or for which I have Big Plans. This leaves only the culled out bits, some of which goes to charities or Goodwill. Now what's left is the middle children... Things I like, but don't love, things for which I have vague plans, vague interest, but nothing definite. This is what I've been knitting through for the past couple of months and, for a while, I was worried it would kill my knitting mojo. Until I did this...

I have a box of orphaned balls of Cashmerino Aran and other similar yarns. There was some Knit Picks comfy, and some mystery yarn. Basically, if it was soft, worsted weight and non-felting, I tossed it in here. None of which really was enough for a big, solid color project but felt like too much for a bunch of little projects. So I gathered out the greens, a beige and a gold and started in. The green borders are done in moss stitch and the green is leftover skeins from my graduation sweater (which is still not officially finished). The button bands were knitted at the same time, with buttonholes on both sides and the buttons just sewn over the holes on one side. The colors were worked in single stripes, at whim, with a double or triple thrown in every 2-4 stripes.

If you do try this, the Knit Picks comfy worked up slightly differently than the rest (maybe because of it's lack of wool), so I restricted it to single stripes and left the doubles and triples for the other yarns.

I'm currently halfway through the matching hat and still loving the fun striping. I'm pulling the next set of colors out of the box. We're going for blues or purples next!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Manly Silver Scarf

My husband has been without a scarf for nearly as long as I've known him. Colorado, despite what many believe, doesn't get that cold. It probably does up at the ski resorts, but not down where we lived, so it wasn't much of an issue. The colder Pennsylvania winters have made this lack of scarf more of a problem. It was also a silly problem to have, as I am a compulsive knitter.

It all came to a head as I was speed Christmas shopping in Target (while he sat in the car with napping kids). I spent a good 5 minutes looking through the clearance cashmere scarves and had what could only be called a crisis of conscience. I knew he would like cashmere. I knew he would like a scarf. I believe Christmas presents should be about what the receiver wants, not what the giver wants to give, so I don't often give handknits. Should I buy him one, despite my ability to make him one that I believed was superior? Ability doesn't equal reality and, meanwhile, his neck was cold. I'm sure I looked like an idiot, just standing in front of these scarves. In the end, I left them there and promised to make him one. (By the way, they were also out of the Boba Fett helmet mugs. It was not a productive shopping trip).

I confessed all of this to him and, when he was done laughing at how much stress I had built up, he said these lovely words; "Honey, do you have time to look at ravelry with me?"

We queued up several patterns that caught his eye, and here is ths first (free ravelry download)! It's the What a Mighty Good Manly Scarf, in reference to a great song. The final project had half the number of sts in width, as per his preferences, which also made it a much faster knit.

The yarn is Elegance, of which I have a great deal left over from my first sweater, and so this is part of my big Stash Bust '09. Not a major part, but there is more to come!